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  • The boundaries of traditional marketing have been forever surpassed with the rise of the Internet. The Web is an unrivaling medium to sell your services or products to literally millions of customers. No more are you tied to one market or demographic as was once the case. Ecommerce can afford your company’s product or service a worldwide audience.

  • Alter Imaging developed a results-oriented ecommerce solution that allows you to track, evaluate and manage your online sales. Flex Cart is a complete online store that contains both a catalog front-end and an administration backend tool. Whether integrating this cart into an existing site or with other content management features, Flex Cart gives you the “flexibility” to choose which features best suit your company and your customer’s needs.

  • Are you looking for an inexpensive yet full-featured shopping cart platform to sell products through an online ecommerce store?

  • We can integrate with an existing web site or place your Internet store online and at your customers' fingertips in a matter of minutes. Since 1995, the WebCart® Ecommerce Shopping Cart platform has been the unique backbone driving online sales for many Internet businesses. The newest WebCart® Version 10 has been completely rewritten with full MySQL and PHP support and a host of new features not found on any other ecommerce software platforms.